Mr. Khalid Sultan Khwaja, a well-known figure in the business world, belongs to the city of Peshawar. His success as a businessman is widely acknowledged and respected in the community. However, what sets him apart is his passion for the Hindko language and his activism to preserve it. He firmly believes that the rich cultural heritage of Peshawar can only be preserved if the mother language is kept alive. Despite his busy schedule, he finds time to work towards the betterment of his beloved city.

Mr. Khalid Sultan Khwaja‘s philanthropic endeavors are also impressive. He is actively involved in the Khyber Eye Foundation that provides free cataract surgeries to underprivileged individuals in the Peshawar. His commitment to this cause is rooted in his belief that every person has the right to access basic healthcare services regardless of their financial status. His dedication to his community has made him a role model for Hindkowan community.


Father’s Name:  Khwaja Mohammad Yusaf


  1. Former Senator Majid Sultan Khwaja (Brother)
  2. Sikandar Sultan Khwaja (Brother)



Date of Birth

10th, Apr 1946


Alma Mater

  • Metric – Cantt. Public School
  • B.A – Edwards College


  1. Khurram Sultan Khwaja
  2. Fawad Sultan Khwaja
  3. Fadia Zikria




  • Hindko Language Activist
  • Active Role in Sarhad Chamber of Commerce, Federation of chamber of commerce and industries and other trade bodies
  • Philanthropist


Achievements & Awards

  1. ​Established 14 Girls Degree College during short tenure of 26 months as Managing Director, Frontier Education Foundation
  2. Active part in establishment of Khyber Eye Foundation where Cataract Surgeries of Poor and Needy Person are Performed Free of Cost

Institutions Affiliated With

  1. Gandhara Hindko Board Peshawar
  2. Khyber Eye Foundation
  3. Pakistan Red Crescent Society
  4. Fatimid Foundation
  5. Edwards College Old Students Association
  6. Member BOG, City University

Mother’s Tongue



  • Stamp Collection
  • Coins Collection
  • Golf





* Source for this information is Mr. Khalid Sultan Khwaja