Full Name: Fouzia Amna Arbab فوزیہ آمنہ ارباب
Pen Name: Gul Arbab گُل ارباب

Gul Arbab is female Hindkowan literary personality from Peshawar. She is an amazing fiction writer of
Urdu and Hindko. Her written creations are popular not only throughout the country but
are equally admired everywhere Urdu and Hindko are spoken and understood.
She has received many awards for her books.
Gul Arbab has a unique record of being first female Travelogue Writer and Micro-Fictionist of Hindko.
Besides being an acclaimed writer she is a devoted mother and a housewife and is managing her
household responsibilities glowingly.
Gul Arbab is an enormous personality and a beacon for Hindkowan women.


Father:   Arbab Arifullah

Mother:  Riffat Shaheen


  1. Arbab Irfanullah
  2. Yasir Kamran
  3. Farhat Kulsoom
  4. Mubasshir Mansour
  5. Khurram Ilyas
  6. Sidra Tamkeen



Date of Birth

1st, Jul 1979

Alma Mater

  1. Government Primary School Nasirpur
  2. Government High School Tarnab
  3. City College for Girls Peshawar (Bachelors)


Arbab Shafiullah Jan


  1. Arbab Waleed
  2. Shehzadi Dur e Shahwar
  3. Arbab Umar Harris
  4. Arbab Nofal Usman
  5. Shehzadi Dur e Adan


  • House Wife
  • Writer


  1. Digest Writer
  2. Novelist
  3. Travelogue Writer
  4. Micro-Fictionist
  5. Social work
  6. Politics

Achievements & Awards


  1. Writer Guild Award – 2022
  2. APWA Best Novelist Award – 2021
  3. Alif Kitaab Best Novelist of the Year – 2018
  4. Aalmi Afsana Award – 2018


  • First Female Travelogue Writer in Hindko Language
  • First Female Micro-Fictionist in Hindko Language
  • First Hindkowan Female who received Award for Best Hindko Travelogue from Khaal Pashto Organization

Notable Work

Hindko Travelogue 

  • Titli, Tarail Tay Treemat تتلی، تریل تے تریمت

Hindko Fiction

  • Chunni Naal Badhi Kaha’nrhiaan     چنی نال بدھی کہانڑیاں [ہندکو مائکرو فکشن]
  • Titaray                                                ٹیٹارے [ہندکو کہانیاں برائے اطفال] 

Urdu Novels, Novelettes, Short Stories, Micro-Fiction and Digest Series

  • Zamzama e Adraaq (Urdu Micro-Fiction)                     زمزمہِ ادراک [اردو مائکرو فکشن]
  • Fasoo’n Kada (Supernatural Novelette)                         فسوں کدہ [پُراسرار ناولٹ] 
  • Ishq, Aurat Aur Ankaboot (Urdu Novel)                       عشق، عورت اور عنکبوت [اردو ناول] 
  • Noor Nagar ki Jeena (Novel)                                         نُور نگر کی جینا [ناول]
  • Dandasa (Short Stories Collection)                                دنداسہ [افسانوی مجموعہ]           
  • Ishq e Jawedaani Novel in Dosheeza Digest                 عشقِ جاودانی [دوشیزہ ڈائجسٹ میں شائع ناول]
  • Dil Saahil, Dard Samandar Novel in APWA Digest       دل ساحل، درد سمندر [اپوا ڈائجسٹ میں شائع ناول] 
  • Aaj Ka Umro (Urdu Stories for Children)                       آج کا عمرو [اردو کہانیاں برائے اطفال]

Various Novels and Novelettes for Khawateen Digest, Kiran Digest, Shuaa Digest،
Naye Ufaq(Digest), Mystery Magazine and Urdu Digest

Institutions Affiliated With

  • Gandhara Hindko Academy Peshawar
  • Khaal Pashto Organization
  • APWA

As a Digest Writer associated with many famous Digests and Mags like

  • Khawateen Digest
  • Kiran Digest
  • Shuaa Digest
  • Naye Ufaq Digest
  • Mystery Magazine and
  • Urdu Digest

Mother’s Tongue



  • Reading
  • Tourism / Travelling
  • Fitness
  • Music





* Source for this information is Mrs. Gul Arbab