Full Name: Muhammad Zia Ud Din محمد ضیاء الدین

Mr. Muhammad Zia Ud Din is an activist for the local and oppressed languages of Pakistan. He is a very well known personality of Peshawar. He is the pioneer member of Gandhara Hindko Board and is motivator of the cause of languages. He is researcher, poet and columnist of Hindko and Urdu.


  • Father’s Name:  Muhammad Sami ud Din


  • Tariq Ahmed
  • Muhammad Azhar Hussain
  • Muhammad Mazhar Ali
  • Humaira Bano



Date of Birth

15th, Jan 1963

Alma Mater

Master in Political Science from University of Peshawar


Fasiha Zia


  • Muhammad Haris Zia
  • Muhammad Umar Zia
  • Muhammad Haider Zia
  • Maryam Zia
  • Muhammar Usman Zia




  • Eminent Hindko poet and Scholar and an ardent promoter of Pakistan languages and literature.
  • He has very effectively coordinated and promoted all languages of Pakistan which resulted in the strengthening of unity among the linguistic circles of society. This positive outlook has become the hallmark of Gandhara Hindko Board and Gandhara Hindko Academy.

Achievements & Awards

  • He got merit scholarship in middle standard examination and SSC merit scholarship.
  • Municipal Corporation Peshawar scholarship awards for graduate students.
  • Merit certificate for highest marks during graduation at Edwards College Peshawar.
  • Best performance award from Chief Minister KPK in Water Management project during 2006.
  • Certificate received from INTAN Malaysia in 2004.
  • Awards received from Literary Circular Pothohar Rawalpindi in 2018.
  • Gold Medal from Wah Cultural Forum Taxila in 2019.

Notable Work

  • In the field of promotion of Pakistani Languages his role to institutionalize Hindko Language and literature is widely recognized. But it also extends to Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Baluchi, Saraiki, Brahvi, Kohistani, Khowar, Gojari, Shina, Kashmiri and Paharri.
  • More than 400 books have been published under the supervision of Mr.Muhammad Zia ud Din and these books are written in Hindko, Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashto, Saraiki, Brahvi, Kohistani, Khowar, Gojari, Shina, Kashmiri, Paharri and other Pakistani languages.
  • He has produced important poetic collections like “Sukhan Samandur” and “Bin Moj Samandur” are two (2) other valuable collections of the Hindko poetry.
  • He has compiled, edited more than 2000 Hindko Proverbs and produced a research book “Hindko Mattlan”. This book contains the proverbs of different dialects of Hindko; book got nationwide appreciation because of its unique style and Index; new idea of giving index numbers to the proverbs has increased the interest level of readers. It has been described as a monumental achievement by literary circles.
  • Has a book “Ba-Yaad-i-Safwat Ghayur Shaheed” and personally translated poem/ prose paying tribute to a brave officer.
  • Although, the first ever Hindko Dictionary was published decades back but Mr.Muhammad Zia ud din have make a landmark contribution by integrating all the dictionaries into a one gigantic Hindko lexicon; he gathered different accent words, proverbs, idioms and produced as great source of material for research and linguistic activities. He is currently is supervising the research work of compiling the common words of Hindko and Pashto. “Hindko-Pashto Dictionary” project is another significant undertaking.
  • The versified translation of Holy Quran is seen as an enormous achievement of Gandhara Hindko Board Peshawar and this was possible because of the committed endeavor of Mr.Muhammad Zia ud Din.
  • He did versified translation of Mr.Ejaz Rahim’s English poetry book “Safwat Ghayur and other poems into Hindko” which was awarded Patras Bokhari Award by PAL 2010, he also supervised the translation work of Gandhara Hindko Board and Gandhara Hindko Academy.
  • He is the convener of Seven (7) International Hindko Conferences. All the deliberations/papers read in these conferences have been published.
  • He is the coordinator/organizer of International Hindko Conference New York, USA which was held in October, 2017. The moot was attended by well known figures like Dr.Amjad Hussain, Mr.Attique Siddiqui, Dr.Nasim Ashraf, Dr.Ashraf Adil and other dignitaries. These conferences generated deep interest in circles abroad.
  • He is the Editor, Managing Editor and Honorary Editor of the 18 periodicals which are being published by Gandhara Hindko Board and Gandhara Hindko Academy Peshawar.
  • He very effectively coordinated and promoted all languages of Pakistan which results in the strengthening of unity among the linguistic circles of society. This positive outlook has become the hallmark of Gandhara Hindko Board and Gandhara Hindko Academy.
  • Under his leadership many innovative measures are adopted for the promotion and integration of the federating units of Pakistan by promoting all languages and their dialects. Literary manuscripts of different writers are preserved. Apart from these literary figures oral archives are also preserved in the form of audio recordings. He adopted innovative measures for printing of the books.
  • The Gandhara Hindko Board and Gandhara Hindko Academy has made a significant breakthrough by setting up laser printing facility which enables writers/poets to produce their work cost-effectively. He used laser printing methodology for the printing of low-cost books. Pakistani languages and literature work is facilitated and accelerated through online research methodology.
  • Hindko language and literature are promoted through establishment of Gandhara Hindko Board International chapters in USA, Canada and UAE.
  • Hindko chairs are established in Sarhad University Peshawar, City University Peshawar and Abasyn University Peshawar for the cause of promotion of language and literature.
  • He also achieved and completed the BS Hindko program syllabus which was forwarded by the Vice Chancellor of City University to Chairman Higher Education Commission, Islamabad

Institutions Affiliated With

  1. Deputy Director, National Documentation Wing, Cabinet Division, Islamabad
  2. General Secretary, Gandhara Hindko Board, Peshawar
  3. Chief Executive Committee, Gandhara Hindko Academy, Peshawar

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* Source for this information is Mr. Muhammad Zia Ud Din.