FULL NAME:  Nusrat Naseem   نصرت نسیم

Nusrat Naseem is a remarkable Hindkowan woman hailing from the city of Kohat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.
Nusrat is a teacher, author, columnist, traveloguer, and poetess.
She completed her higher studies from the University of Peshawar and
subsequently became affiliated with the teaching profession.
God, Almighty has endowed her with exceptional talents, which she has expressed through her penned creations.
Nusrat began writing from her school and college days.
She is the first Hindkowan lady from Kohat who authored her autobiography, which received
widespread recognition in literary circles and earned you the Abbasin Literary Award.
Apart from her writing endeavors, Nusrat Naseem is also actively involved in social services domain.
Her achievements as a woman and the struggles endured to reach her current position serve as an exemplary story.


Father Name:     Haji Abdur Rasheed

Mother Name:   Bilquees Begum


  1. Sabeeha

  2. Atia

  3. Tamseel Rashid

  4. Nadeem Rashid



Date of Birth

22nd Mar, 1954

Alma Mater

  • MA Urdu from University of Peshawar
  • MA Islamiat from University of Peshawar
  • BA Frontier College Peshawar


Naseem Iqbal


  1. Fareeha Naseem (Housewife)
  2. Muhammad Asad (Principal Govt Degree College Khan Khoi)
  3. Ayesha Naseem (Principal Dubai School)


  • Teaching
  • Writer


  • Teacher
  • Columnist of Hindko and Urdu
  • Urdu Short Story Writer
  • Hindko / Urdu Poetess

Achievements & Awards

  1. President Bazm e Adab Frontier College for Girls Peshawar
  2. Pioneer Urdu Short Story Writer in Frontier for Girls College Peshawar
  3. Three times councilor on women seat

  1. Autobiography “Beetay Huay Kuch Din Hain Aisai بیتے ہوئے کچھ دن ہیں ایسے”Awarded “Abasin Adbi Award baraai Nasar 2021
  2. APWA awarded her first book

Notable Work

  1. “Rabana Ki Duaaein ربنا کی دعائیں” 2017
  2. “Kehkashaan hai Mere Khaabon Ki کہکشاں ہے میرے خوابوں کی” 2020
  3. Autobiography “Beetay Huay Kuch Din Hain Aisai بیتے ہوئے کچھ دن ہیں ایسے” 2021
  4. In 2020 authored “Qaranteena Diary” on “Alif Kitab” for Umera Ahmad titled “Guzarte Lamhon ki Aahat گزرتے لمحوں کی آہٹ”
  5. “Haashia e Khyal حاشیہِ خیال” in 2022, first book by any female writer consisting literary critique on books
  6. Write columns in Weekly Hindkowan titled “Sadaay Nusrat صدائے نصرت”
  7. Regular Columnist  of “Daily Aaj Peshawar”, “Daiily Kasoti Peshawar” and “Akhbar e London” and online blog “HumSub”

Institutions Affiliated With

  1. Urdu Lecturer in Nisar Shaheed Degree College Risalpur (2000 – 2014)
  2. Principal Sir Syed School
  3. Owner ZN Botique
  4. Deputy President “Gandhara Tareemat Writer Forums”
  5. Editor “Kotal Rung کوتال رنگ” Hindko Journal published by Gandhara Hindko Academy Peshawar
  6. Member APWA Advisory Council

Mother’s Tongue



  • Poetry
  • Music
  • Reading
  • Writing







* Source for this information is Mrs. Nusrat Naseem