Full Name: Mohammad Zaheen  محمد ذہین

Mohammad Zaheen, an engineer by profession, traveled from Peshawar to USA in 1986.
There, he started working for an airline company “United Airline”.
For Thirty Five Consecutive Years, he diligently worked without ever taking a vacation or any sick leave.
His hard work and dedication were evident to the company, so the selection of Mohammad Zaheen has been made
from among 85,000 employees and two offers were made to Mohammad Zaheen,
including a cash gift card of US $10,000 and a paid two weeks’ vacation trip around the world
along with his wife as a reward for his record dedication to duty.
However, instead of accepting the money, Zaheen humbly requested the company to inscribe his name on their aircraft
and his request was accepted; which is a brilliant record in itself as it never happened ever in the history of civil aviation.
Mohammad Zaheen resides in America but he loves to speak his mother tongue “Hindko
and his heart is still filled with love for Peshawar.


Father:    Allah Bakhsh

Mother:  Shah Sultan


  1. Yasreeb Kaneez (Sister)
  2. Haroon Azar (Brother)
  3. Tariq Amin (Brother)
  4. Abid Saleem (Brother)


Peshawar, Pakistan

Date of Birth

December 25, 1949

Alma Mater

  • Saint Johns School Peshawar


Satara Zaheen


  • Ambreen Zaheen
  • Jamaal Zaheen
  • Sanna Zaheen
  • Bilal Zaheen


Airport Operation Lead


  • United Airline USA has honored First Time Ever in the History of Civil Aviation; “The one and only Mohammad Zaheen an employee with origin from Peshawar“, by inscribing his name on the air plane as a reward for his dedication and punctuality to duty during the last 35 years of service.

Achievements & Awards

  • United Airlines employee of the year.
  • 37 years of perfect attendance.
  • Awards from Volvo for hard working employee in Sweden

Notable Work

  • In charge of over 100 employees at each shift as a lead while working for United Airlines.

  • Leading employees to work safe and efficient to meet United Airlines goals.

Institutions Affiliated With

  1. United Airline, USA
  2. Volvo, Sweden
  3. Shah Sultan Memorial Hospital in Karachi Pakistan

Mother’s Tongue









* Source for this information is Mr. Mohammad Zaheen