Full Name: Aurang Zeb (Hussam Hur حسام حر)

Aurangzeb Hussam Hur is a famous Urdu and Hindko literary personality of Peshawar. He practices his poetry skills both in Hindko and Urdu. He is a well known columnist of both Hindko and Urdu. He has produced the first ever Hindko Novel. Besides, he is also a culture and literature based researcher and used to present his papers in National and International literary conferences.  


  • Mother: Late Perveen Akhtar (Died on 13th, Jun 1972)
  • Father:   Late Allah Bukhsh (Died on 18th, Aug 2014)


  1. Late Maqsood Tariq (Died 2013)



Date of Birth

2nd, Jul 1960

Alma Mater

  1. M.A Urdu (Gold Medalist) from University of Peshawar
  2. M. Ed.from University of Hull, UK


  • Late Surayya Bano Died on 27th, Dec 2017
  • She was herself a Writer and a Poetess and had a keen interest is literature.
  • She was the poetess of First Ever Hindko Poetry Book by a woman titled “Tasveeraan تصویراں” in 1995
  • She was the first lady that authored First Ever Hindko Short Story Book called “Dil De Dukh دل دے دکھ ہزار” in 1995
  • Another Collection of Poetry “Taabeeraan تعبیراں” with 1st edition in 2014 and 2nd edition in 2018 published by BY Gandhara Hindko Academy.
  • Compiled articles on Hussam Hur’s Poetry Book ,”Hun Taza Ghazal” and “Harf E Raaz E Ishq” 2017


  1. Rafay Zerghaam Ramish
  2. Dr. Laiqua Bano Ainee
  3. Hammad Muhammad Asad


  • Associate professor of Urdu
  • Head of Department Govt Superior Science College, Wazeer Baagh Peshawar


  • Urdu and Hindko Poet
  • Fiction Writer
  • Regular Columnist in Daily Mashriq, Daily Aaj, Daily Express and Weekly Hindkowaan
  • Play writer and song Lyricst of PTV
  • Critic

Achievements & Awards

  • Best Book Awards By Abasin Arts Council Peshawar
  • Pakistan Writers Guild
  • Pakistan Academy Of Letters, Islamabad
  • Book Ambassador of National Book Foundation Islamabad
    Besides that a lot of functions and ceremonies have been arranged in honor of his books or for the purpose of launching his books Peshawar, Islamabad, Abbot Abad, Kohat, Haripur, D. I. Khan, Lahore.
  • He has been invited as Chief Guest & Guest of Honor and as a literary Celebrity

Notable Work

  • First ever Hindko short stories Nikki Jai Gall 1993
  • First ever Hindko Primary Reader 1995
  • First ever Hindko Ahadeeth (s.a.w.) translation titled “Hadeesaan Pak Rasool Diaan” 1995
  • First ever Hindko Sketches “Husday Wasday Lok” 1995
  • First ever Hindko Allama Iqbal selected poetry translation “Hur Da Iqbal” 1996
  • First ever Hindko Weekly Newspaper “Perchole” 19997
  • First ever Hindko Novel “Haq Allah Hoo” 1997
  • First ever Hindko columns collection “Qissa Khwani Kenta Kaar” 2014
  • First ever Hindko Naat Poetry collection “Hasonat Jamee o Khisalehi” 2017
  • Four urdu poetry books titled
    1. Haseenon Ke Khatoot 1995
    2. Sunehri Burf Ki Baidaagh Chaadar 1999
    3. Husn e Taghazzul  2016
    4. Saloo Alayhe Wa Salemoo Tasleemaa (Urdu Naat Collection) 2017
  • Quarterly Urdu Journal Idraak 1993
  • Quarterly Urdu Journal Ehsaas 2010-19
  • A lots of News Letters, college magazines
  • First ever Hindko section in government college Peshawar Magazine Gandhara
  • First ever College magazine Govt. College Mathra
  • First ever College Magazine of Govt. Superior Science College
  • Founder Chairman of Hindko Adabi Tanqeedi Baithak “Perchole” 1993
  • Pakistan Markazi Hindko Adabi Board (Regd.) Peshawar 1996.
  • Mulaquat  2011.-16


Institutions Affiliated With

  • Forward High School
  • G. H. School No. .3
  • G. H. School No.1, Cantt
  • Edwards College
  • GSSP
  • GJPG College Saidu Sharif Swat
  • University of Hull, UK

Mother’s Tongue



  • Studying
  • Writing
  • Music etc




* Source for this information is Mr. Aurang Zeb (Hussam Hur)