Full NAme: Ali Awais Kheyal علی اویس خیال

Ali Awais kheyal is a young culture-based researcher from Peshawar. He is a well known literary personality of Peshawar. He is a true lover of Peshawar and his mother tongue Hindko. He has performed some amazing research work in form of “گنجینہ سائیں۔ Ganjena-e-Saaien”. In linguist area he has designed a Hindko-Pashto dictionary and many more. He has got wonderful knowledge about the streets and bazaars of Peshawar. Besides, he is also a fiction writer. He also practices poetry in both Hindko and Urdu. 


  • Mother’s Name:  Riffat Shaheen
  • Father’s Name:    Inayat Ullah


  1. Khurram Rehman
  2. Haroon-ur-Rasheed
  3. Muhammd Usman
  4. Zain-ul-Abidin



Date of Birth

7th, Mar 1993

Alma Mater

  1. Masters in Urdu Literature from University of Peshawar
  2. Graduation from University of Peshawar
  3. Intermediate (Inter Science) from Superior Science College Peshawar
  4. Matric (Science) from Govt. High School Dabgari Peshawar
  5. Primary from Govt Asia Park No.1 Peshawar


Ayfa Ali


  1. Hira Ali


  • Writer 
  • Reseracher


  • Poet
  • Researcher
  • Columnist

Achievements & Awards

Mr. Ali Awais Kheyal has received a number of Certificates for an extra ordinary performance, but here a few of the awards are listed below

  1. Awarded “Shield Of Recognition” from Gnadhara Hindko Academy for Presenting Paper on “ھندکو زبان دی ترقی اچ محمد ضیاالدین دا کردار
  2. Awarded the “Certificate of Excellence” from Gandhara Hindko Academy
  3. Awarded the “Certificate of Performance” from Gandhara Hindko Academy
  4. Awarded the “shield of Brilliance” from GANDHARA Hindko Board Peshawar

Notable Work

Mr. Ali Awais Kheyal is the author and compiler of Sixteen published books of Hindko, Pashto, Urdu and English. Most of his books are based on Research work on Hindko and Urdu linguistics and traditions and culture of Peshawar. The list of his book is as follows


  1. Naniaa’n Kounplaa’n ننھیاں کونپلاں(Research Work)
  2. Virsa ورثہ (Research Work)
  3. Ganjeena-e-Saien گنجینہِ سائیں (Research Work)
  4. Karool کرول (Research Work)
  5. Charagh-e-Sukhan چراغِ سخن (Translation)
  6. Patras dey Mazameen پطرس دے مضامین (Translation)
  7. Hindko Pashot Lughat ہندکو پشتو لغت (Research Work)
  8. Taaj Nama تاج نامہ (Research Work)
  9. Peshہr dey Mashrobaat پشور دے مشروبات (Research Work)
  10. Peshor dey Puranrey Mashoor Dukandar پشور دے پرانڑے مشہور دکاندار (Research Work)
  11. Peshor dey Mailey o Tehwaar پشور دے میلے و تہوار (Research Work)
  12. Peshor diaa’n Puranriaa’n Khedaa’n پشور دیاں پرانڑی کھیڈاں (Research Work)
  13. Tazkira Qadeem o Jadeed Hindko Shura تذکرہِ قدیم و جدید ہندکو شعراء (Research Work)
  14. Hind Aryai dee Qos-e-Qazah ہند آریائ دی قوسِ قزح (Research Work)
  15. Mukhtar-e-Harfi مختارِ حرفی (Research Work)

A few more books are in pipeline and will come out soon after publishing

  1. Sama-e-Raast سماعِ راست (Research Work)
  2. Aas Dey Daeway آس دے ڈیویے (Novel)
  3. Sharah Kalam-e-Saien شرح کلامِ سائیں (Research Work)
  4. Hindko aur Deegar Zubanai’n ہندکو اور دیگر زبانیں (Research Work)
  5. Zia-e-Hindko ضیاۓ ہندکو (Research Work)
  6. Kulyat-e-Sajid Sarhadi کلیاتِ ساجد سرحدی
  7. Hindko Pashto Lughat (2nd Vol) ہندکو پشتو لغت- جلد دوم (Research Work)
  8. Hindko Cultural Trail of Peshawar (Research Work)
  9. Sikh aur Peshawar سِکھ اور پشاور (Research Work)
  10. Peshawar Meri Janam Bohmi پشاور میری جنم بھومی (Research Work)
  11. Hindko Harfi ki tareekh ہندکو حرفی کی تاریخ (Research Work)
  12. Hindko Ghzal ki Tareekh ہندکو غزل کی تاریخ (Research Work)
  13. Hindko Novel Kee Tareekh ہندکو ناول کی تاریخ (Research Work)
  14. Hindko Zuban mai Khaka Nigari ہندکو زبان میں خاکہ نگاری (Research Work)
  15. Pyar Dea Deeway پیار دے ڈیوے (SajidSarhadi)
  16. Gond’r Khusiaan Dey گونڑ خوشیاں دے (Research Work)
  17. Sukhandan-e-Saien سخندانِ سائیں (Research Work)
  18. Wehsi Nama وحشی نامہ (Research Work)

He is also involved in writing columns and articles both in Hindko and Urdu in different prominent News Papers and Magazines e.g.

  • Daily Aaj
  • Daily Mashriq
  • Daily Express
  • Daily Subah
  • Daily Aaj Subah
  • Daily Alhaaq
  • Daily Aaien
  • Weekly Hindkowan
  • Hindko Adab (Magazine)
  • Taaray (Magazine)
  • Hindkowan Sarkhail (Magazine)
  • Hindkowan (Magazine)

Institutions Affiliated With

  • Gandhara Hindko Board
  • Gandhara Hindko Academy

Mother’s Tongue



  • Reading Books
  • Research
  • Poetry
  • Music





* Source for this information is Mr. Ali Awais Kheyal