ٖFull Name: Dr. Zahoor Ahmad Awan ڈاکٹر ظہور احمد اعوان

Dr. Zahoor Ahmad Awan was a prominent personality of Peshawar. He was mainly known for his series of columns published with title “Dil Pishori دل پشوری” in a very famous newspaper of Peshawar. He was a Hindko speaker and loved to work for the development and propagation of Hindko. He has done his Ph. D. in Iqbaaliat and Afghans. He was founder chairman of Gandhara Hindko Board.


  • Mother’s Name:  Chan Munawar
  • Father’s Name:  Ali Gohar Khan


  • Manzoor Ahmad Khan (Younger Brother)
  • Shamim Akhtar (Sister)


Peshawar پشاور

Date of Birth


Died On

2nd Apr, 2011

Alma Mater

  1. Govt. No. 2 School Peshawar (from 1st to Matric)
  2. FA & BA (Private from University of Peshawar)
  3. MA Urdu (University of Peshawar)
  4. MA English (University of Peshawar)
  5. MA Political Science (University of Peshawar)
  6. MS International Relations (Clark Atlanta University, USA – 1990-1991)
  7. Internship in U.N.O
  8. PhD (Iqbaliyaat & Afghans) from University of Peshawar


Farhat Jabeen


  • Afshan Jabeen (Eldest Daughter)
  • Shahzad Mansoor (Elder Son)
  • Adnan Zahoor
  • Kehkashan Zahoor
  • Rabail Zahoor


  • Professor (Urdu)
  • Writer (Urdu Literature)
  • Columnist in Newspapers


  • Writer (Literary)
  • Newspaper Articles (Dil Pishori دل پشوری)

Achievements & Awards

There are many awards, it’s hard to list down all. However few major awards are:

  1. Tamgha-e-Imtiyaz (Presidential Award)
  2. Pride of Performance (Presidential Award)
  3. Allah Bakhsh Award
  4. Kitaab-e-Saal (1999 – Tareekh-e-Reportaz Nighari)
  5. Ghandhara Ahmad Ali Sahi Award
  6. 23 Years Services Recognition Award by Idara-e-Elm-o-Fun (2000)
  7. Farogh e Hindko Award
  8. Best Services Award (Rotary Club- 1999-2000)
  9. Khyber Award (Abasin Art Council – 2003)
  10. Best Services Award (by Khair-un-Naas)
  11. Best Services Award (University of Peshawar, Urdu Department)
  12. Best Services Award (District Govt. KPK – 2002)
  13. Niaz Fateh Puri Award (1995)

Notable Work

  1. Newspaper Articles
  2. More than 50 Books on different walks of life, including Travelogues, Khakay, Research etc.

Institutions Affiliated With

  1. Colleges of KPK
  2. University Of Peshawar
  3. Gandhara Hindko Board (Founder Chairman)
  4. Abasin Arts Council
  5. Hamdard Foundation
  6. Pakistan Academy of Letters
  7. Halka-e-Arbab-e-Zoaq Peshawar
  8. The Atlanta Council for International Cooperation
  9. Washington International Centre

Mother’s Tongue



  • Reading
  • Writing
  • TV
  • Traveling
  • Swimming




* Source for this information is Mr. Adnan Zahoor Awan (Dr. Zahoor Ahmad Awan’s son)