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Khoray Sach

Sabir Hussain Imdad was a famous Hindko and Urdu writer, poet and researcher. This book is a collection of his Hindko Ghazzals and Poems. This 160 paged striking book is republished by the Gandhara Hindko Academy in 2020.

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Kachi Mitti De Khushbo

This is the book of Hindko poetry by Rani Bano. Rani Bano is one among a few female Hindko poets that has produced some marvelous poetic work. The book has Hindko Ghazzals as well as poems. The book was initially published in 2008 and now it is republished by Gandhara Hindko Academy Peshawar in 2020 under the supervision of Muhammad Zia ud Din. There are 104 pages in the book.

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This book is written by a famous Hindko poet and scholar Haider Zaman Haider. In this book author has collected the work of renowned Hindko poets. The book is divided into two parts. Where in first part Ancient poets of Hindko and their work is discussed while in second part modern day Hindko poets along with their work are talked about. There are 192 pages in thye book. It was first published in 1995 and in 2020 it is again published by Gandhara Hindko Academy.

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Lafzan Di Chaan

This book is a collection of articles written as a tribute to famous Hindko poet Mr. Sabir Hussain Imdad. The articles are arranged and translated from other languages by Aurangzeb Ahmad Ghaznavi. The articles included in the book have pay the compliments to Mr. Sabir Hussain Imdad in a beautiful way. Lafzaan Di Chaan was first published in 1996 and now it is again published by Gandhara Hindko Academy in 2020. There are 128 pages in the book.

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Nit Kurlaaway Koonj

This book is a phenomenal Hindko novel that is set around 1949-50. Author Syed Hafeez Ullah Gillani’s novel explores his region in terms of the cultural, social and societal context. Author has penned the story in a unique style. This novel was published in 2012 for the first time and now Gandhara Hindko Academy is publishing its second edition in 2020. This 208 paged book is available for Rs. 300/- (10 $).

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