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Gandharah Hindko Academy gives immense importance to books’ publication and in this regards it publishes the books frequently. The books to be prepared, printed and published on various subjects in Hindko and other Pakistani languages are available for sale. The books which are selected for 2nd edition are produced in limited 2 to 3 copies for reference and record purpose. The titles of books with descriptions are uploaded on Gandhara’s websites for general public information. The published books as selected by the readers are provided through Cash on Delivery mechanism. Any clarification or information as sought by the readers will be provided to the quarter concerned.


With over 1000 members, the Board is run on self-help basis with contributions from the language lovers and the fund-raising campaigns launched on the eve of Mega events. The Board has an office at Rampura Gate (Peshawar). The Board maintains a bank accountant with a maximum degree of transparency.


Gandhara Hindko Academy has been recently constituted as a public private partnership entity by the joint collaboration of the Government of KP, Department of Library and Archives and the Gandhara Hindko Board, Pakistan, Peshawar. This is a three years project funded through the Annual Development Program of the Government of KP. The main aim and objective of GHA is to promote the Hindko language, culture and literature along with other regional languages.

Gandhara Hindko Board in a meeting held on 21st March, 2015 at civil officers Mess, Peshawar under the chair of Mr. Ejaz Ahmad Qureshi, Chairman, GHB constituted a committee of 8 members and Mr. Muhammad Zia ud Din was selected the Chief Executive Committee of Gandhara Hindko Board for Gandhara Hindko Academy unanimously. The responsibility of running the affairs of the GHA, the said committee was authorized.

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Education in Muslim India
Education in Muslim India

This book is a phenomenal work of history based on the issues revolving around Muslims of India in respect of education. The author has dealt the matter from Medieval India to the Mughal Empire. The authored discussed in details the reasons that why Muslims were too far behind the Hindus or other communities in getting modern education. Mr. S. M. Jaffar authored this treat to read book for history lovers. It was first published in 1936, than its 2nd edition was published in 1972. Now Gandhara Hindko Academy is publishing its third edition in 2019. This 261 paged book is available for Rs. 1000/- (50 $).

An Introduction of the Peshawar Museum: Peshawar Illustrated
An Introduction of the Peshawar Museum: Peshawar Illustrated

Author of the book Mr. S. M. Jaffar was Professor of History at Islamia College, Peshawr. He was also the Director of the Department of Archives in Peshawar and the Director of the Peshawar Museum. Peshawar Museum has the largest collection of Gandhara Greco-Buddhist art in the world. There were 4247 Gandhara pieces, including Buddhist stone sculptures and panels, stucco sculptures, terracotta figurines, relic caskets and toiletry objects. Jaffar has introduced the Peshawar Museum in a very interesting way. This book is a treat for the people who have interest in antiques and their preservation. Gandhara Hindko Academy has published second edition in 2018 of this book containing 167 pages. The price of the book is Rs. 500/- (50 $).

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Song List
Song List

Gandhara Hindko Board Peshawar Hindko Music Gala Hindko Music Competition Dear Contestants Please Select a song to be Prepared by you for the Competition  کیویں مکھڑے تو نظراں ہٹاواں (نصرت فتح علی خان)    سانوں اک پل چین نہ آوے (نصرت فتح علی خان)                 ...

Hindko Music Gala 22
Hindko Music Gala 22

Gandhara Hindko Board Peshawar Hindko Music Gala Hindko Music Competition Gandhara Hindko Board Peshawar is Proudly Announcing a Wonderful Singing Competition for Hindkowan Singers on 27th, Mar 2022 If You think You can Sing Do Register for the Contest Deadline for...

ہندکو ادبی تنقیدی اکٹھ اجلاس نمبر-666
ہندکو ادبی تنقیدی اکٹھ اجلاس نمبر-666

گندھارا ہندکو بورڈ پشاور ہندکو ادبی اکٹھ اجلاس نمبر-666 تعزیتی ریفرنس بیاد استاد صوفی بشیر احمد پشاور کے ادبی حلقوں کی جانی پہچانی اور نامور ادبی شخصیت اور گندھارا ہندکو بورڈ پشاور کے ایگزیکتو ممبر استاد صوفی بشیر احمد کی یاد میں جمعہ 11 فروری 2022 کو گندھارا ہندکو...

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Hindko Matlaan

Hindko Matlaan is an Android App which is a collection of around 2200 Hindko proverbs called Matlaan or Muhaawray in Hindko. Hindko Proverbs contained within in this app are collected from a book titled “Hindko Matlaan” published by Gandhara Hindko Academy of Gandhara Hindko Board.

Kids Hindko Learner

Hindko Learning app is very helpful to provide the best learning opportunity for playgroup students. In this Kids Hindko learner app. This app is an interactive, beautifully designed educational application for learning Hindko through innovative activity and games.

This app also provides group activity for playgroup students to learn Hindko alphabets from Alif to Yay

Hindko-Urdu Dictionary / Lughat

The Hindko Urdu Lughat (Dictionary) Android App is an interactive App that provides the users with the facility of searching a Hindko word with its pronunciation, Urdu meaning and explanation. An interesting feature of the dictionary is that it allows user to select his favorite words

Ganjeena Saaien

Kalam-e-Saaien Android App is an interactive App that provides the users with the facility of searching a Saaien’s poetry using its Topic called “Maozu” in Hindko. An interesting feature of the app is that it allows user to select his favorite pieces of Hindko poetry.


The Mozooat-e-Quran Android App is an interactive App that provides the users with the facility of searching Quranic topic and subjects. User may directly search a topic/subject by writing it in the search bar or a Sura of Quran may be searched to find all the topics/subjects in it. An interesting feature of the app is that it allows user to select his favorite topics/subjects.