07th Jan 2017:
Launching Ceremony of “FATIMA” Magazine

12th Jan 2017:
8th KP Languages & Cultures Conference

05th Feb 2017:
Celebration of Kashmir Day

12th Feb 2017:
Hindkowan Youth Assembly

18th Feb 2017:
Participation at Lok Versa, پاکستان کی مادری زبانوں کا عالمی دن 

21st Feb 2017:
International Mother Language Day (30 Pictures)

08th Mar 2017:
International Women’s Day at Gandhara Hindko Academy Peshawar (23 Pictures)

10th Mar 2017:
Inauguration of Hindko Chair at Sarhad University Peshawar (93 Pictures)

12th Mar 2017:
Meeting at Lala Giran, Arbab Usman Hujra, Khalisa Peshawar (59 Pictures)

25th Mar 2017:
Inauguration of Hindkowan Sarkhail “Nazir Bhatti Number” (74 Pictures)

2nd April 2017:
MoU with Frontier Model School & College for Boys & Girls for Free Admission & 30% Discount (27 Pictures)

23rd April 2017:
Shaheedan-e-Peshor 1930, Dua-e-ia Taqreeb aur, Function at Ghor Ghatri Peshawar City. (77 Pictures)

08th July 2017:
Eid Millan Gathering at Gandhara Hindko Academy Peshawar

23rd July 2017:
Kohistani Bardri Symposium at Marina Hotel Swat

30th July 2017:
Inauguration of “Sargi Da Tara” & Pullah Di Saath” at Abbottabad Press Club

05th Aug 2017:
Press Conference regarding initiation of Weekly Hindkowan (16 Pictures)

12th Aug 2017:
Gandhara Officers Club & Mahfal-e-Sama (57 Pictures)

19th Aug 2017:

Meeting with Executive Members at GHA (24 Pictures)

15th Sep 2017:
Meeting of BoG at Gandhara Hindko Academy, Peshawar (83 Pictures)

16th Sep 2017:
تقریب پزیرایی محترمہ آفتاب اقبال بانو 

16th Sep 2017:
Audit & Accounts Review meeting at GHA Peshawar (28 Pictures)

21st Oct 2017:
5th International Hindko Conference USA Chapter (164 Pictures)

18th Nov 2017:
3rd Women Conference at GHA (145 Pictures)

8-10 Dec 2017 :
6th International Hindko Conference at Ahmad Ali Sain Hall & Archive Hall Peshawar