(Mother Tongue Horizons for Education & Research)

Gandhara Hindko Academy (GHA) Peshawar (A public private partnership entity by the joint collaboration of the Government of KP, Department of Library and Archives and the Gandhara Hindko Board Peshawar, Pakistan) is instituted with the intention and objective to promote the Hindko language, culture and literature along with other regional languages. In this regard the academy has been involved in holding conferences at National and International level, publishing books, magazines and a weekly newspaper named “Hindkowan”.

In year 2017 GHA enthused with a step forward and started publishing its research journal MoTHER (Mother Tongue Horizons for Education & Research). In Issue. 1 of Vol. 1 around eleven articles were published. Those research articles were produced by authors of international fame. Now, GHA is in process of publishing Vol. 2 Issue. 2 of MoTHER.

Editorial Panel:

Chief Editor:

Muhammad Zia ud Din

Chief Executive Committee (CEC) GHA, Peshawar

Muhammad Adil
Asst. Prof. Computer Science.
Iqra National University, Peshawar

Consultant Computers and IT GHA

MoTHER (Vol. 2. Issue. 2.)

GHA initiates a Call for Research Papers in different aspects related to mother languages. Author can submit his/her original research papers, survey papers, case studies and academic or scholarly articles that have not been published anywhere previously.

MoTHER welcomes high quality work that focuses on research, development and application in the aforesaid areas.

Call for papers 2018

Paper Submission Deadline: Oct 31, 2018

Call for Papers – Volume 2, Issue 2 Edition

Certificates / offset copies

After the completion of acceptance and publishing process, all the authors of accepted papers will be provided with certificates.

Authors will also be provided with three offset copies of MoTHER.

Note for Contributors:

Contributions to the journal may be the paper of original research in regards with any Mother Languages, like Phonology, Phonetics, Philosophy of languages, grammar, dialects.

Authors may have their articles discussing the Mother languages and their impacts on business, marketing, management, science and technology, information, entertainment and infotainment.


Paper LengthAbstract: Not more then 300 – 350 words
Full Paper: Maximum 8 Pages (A4 Size)
Key Words4-8

Paper MUST be Type written
Times New Roman Font with 11pt size
Headings in Bold
The paper should strictly follow the provided format/template of MoTHER.
MoTHER’s Paper Template in Word is available for download.

MS-Word                                                                       PDF Format

Review  All submissions will be peer-reviewed based on originality, quality and presentation

Points to Remember:

The paper should address as explicitly as possible the following:

     Purpose of the study

     Theoretical and/or practical grounding of the study

     Materials and Methods used in the study.

     Interpretation and significance of the study

Submission formatting:

     Full paper can be submitted in MS word format.

     Standard format for MoTHER in MS Word;

     Respected author should himself run his paper through TURNIT-IN software for plagiarism and similarities check and a certificate to be attached along with the submitted paper. Similarity index should be less than 18% strictly.

Submission method:

Please submit your papers on mother@gandharahindko.com

Paper Review process:

     All paper submissions will be strictly run through “TURNIT-IN” software for similarity check by MoTHER’s editor.

     Papers having similarity index higher than 18% would not be considered for review and subsequent publication.

     Each submitted paper will undergo rigorous peer review process.

     Reviewers’ comments for accepted as well as rejected papers will be communicated to the authors.

Paper acceptance & rejection:

     Authors will be notified about the acceptance/rejection of their submitted papers.

     ONLY accepted papers will be published in MoTHER.

Organization of Paper:

Author may organize their work to the following scheme, as close as possible.

  1. Title of the Paper
  2. Autor’s name (Follow the template)
  3. Abstract
  4. Key Words
  5. Introduction
  6. Material & Method
  7. Results
  8. Discussion
  9. Conclusion
  10. References (in order in which they appear in the work)
  •      Tables and other illustrations (Line drawing or graphs) should be kept as simple as possible.
  •      Tables and other Figures may be numbered in order in which they are cited in the text

Special Note: On a separate one-page document titled “Personal Information”, the Authors are required to submit following information.

  1.      Paper Title
  2.      Author Name (in case of more than one authors each one be separately specified)
  3.      Affiliation (if author is affiliated with an organization, should explicitly be declared)
  4.      Digital Photograph  
  5.      Email (for online correspondence)
  6.      Contact Number
  7.      Postal address