Month: November 2018

Hindkowan Youth Assembly

Hindkowan Youth Assembly Program was successfully held in Peshawar on November 24, 2018. The programme was organised at the Sain Ahmad Ali Auditorium of the Gandhara Hindko Academy. The auditorium is named after a great Hindko...

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Activities in 2016

02 Jan 2016   CHACHA Younas Award  (Pictures) 09 Jan 2016   APS Shuhada & Carnage in December, 16 Jan 2016 Adbi Nashist 23 Jan 2016   Nashist with Nazir Bhatti 30 Jan 2016 Khasosi Nishast with Chairman Hazara Hindko Academy,...

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Activities in 2017

07th Jan 2017: Launching Ceremony of “FATIMA” Magazine 12th Jan 2017: 8th KP Languages & Cultures Conference 05th Feb 2017: Celebration of Kashmir Day 12th Feb 2017: Hindkowan Youth Assembly 18th Feb 2017: Participation at...

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